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Parents are always welcome at Junior Wonders. They may visit the classroom and our outside play area at any time. To keep our parents abreast of all that goes on in the Nursery School we have Information bulletin boards located in Community Hall and on the Pre K floor. In addition, there is a monthly newsletter informing parents of all upcoming events and important dates each month.

Parents may also participate by assisting at classroom parties, providing special snacks and volunteering at our Junior Wonders fundraisers which are held throughout the year.

If a parent has a special talent, hobby or would like to read a story, they are encouraged to arrange an appropriate time with the child's teacher to visit the classroom.

In addition, seasonal events such as our Annual Halloween Parade offer parents the exciting opportunity for hands on participation and lasting memories.

The Junior Wonders Parent Board

The Junior Wonders Parent Board, formed in September, 1997 is another way for parents to be involved. The Parent Board consists of 8-10 parents and the Director. This Board meets once a month and helps to create new fundraisers, assist in facilitating existing fundraisers and coordinates possible guest speakers. The Parent Board will discuss issues and help to make decisions regarding funds which are raised. A portion of the fundraising proceeds are used for scholorships. All final decisions are ultimately at the discretion of the Director.

School Closings

You will be notified by e-mail of any school closings. Generally, we will close if the Pelham/New Rochelle Schools are closed. There are no make up days when snow days are used.

Dropping off your child

When dropping off your child, please do not stay for any extended length of time unless requested to do so by the teacher. We have found that a loving hug and kiss, along with the confirmation that you will be there when class is over is all the assurance the child needs. If the child does cry at the moment of separation, be assured that most children will seldom continue crying for more than a few minutes. Please be sure that your child arrives on time and is picked up on time. If a child is not picked up at the end of the class, we will call the parent. If we fail to reach the parent, we will call one of the people listed on the Authorized Release Form. If you are going to be late, please call us at (914) 738-6518. Please make every effort to be on time.


Children love celebrating their birthday with their friends at school. We provide the birthday hat/crown and suggest you bring regular or bite size cupcakes. Parents can also donate a book to your child's class to commemorate the birthday. A label will be placed in the book giving the birthday child recognition for the donation.

Toys From Home

We discourage children from bringing toys to the Nursery School since this often presents a problem. We will welcome appropriate books and/or music cassettes that the child can share with the whole class.

Parent Teacher Conferences

The staff at Junior Wonders is available at your request to discuss any issue regarding your child. Two parent teacher conferences are scheduled each year. The first one is late October/early November and the second one is in May. Issues such as discipline, socialization, sharing and following directions are just a few topics that may be discussed. Teachers offer specific ideas for promoting healthy development at School as well as some suggestions for the home. Our staff will set up an individual portfolio for each child. This helps the teacher follow the type of work and advances your child will be making. These portfolios assist the teachers in seeing your child develop and grow within the classroom setting. Your child's portfolio is shared with the parent during the Parent Teacher conferences.


A Medical/Immunization Form must be completed and given to your child's teacher within the first two weeks of the school year. For your convenience, you can fax your completed form to (914) 632-1323. Your child should be kept at home whenever there is any doubt to his/her feeling well. No child should return to the Nursery School following an illness until he/she is able to take part in all activities, both indoor and out. If a child is ill during the night, he/she should not be sent to us the following day. If a child becomes ill during the day, you will be notified so that you can pick up the child. Please let us know immediately if your child will be absent for several days or if your child develops a contagious disease/illness. If a contagious disease/illness is diagnosed by your physician, we will post the information so that others in the class can watch for symptoms. Do not let the child return to the Nursery School until the physician has re-checked the child.

Parents interested in more information should call (917) 617 0903 or email us. We'd love to hear from you!


Registration for the 2017-2018 school year is now Open!

Our 2 Year, 3 Year and Pre-K classes are now accepting registrations for fall 2017.

Spaces fill quickly and we ecnourage parents to enroll thier child as early as possible to ensure their spot is secured.

Application forms can be downloaded by clicking the link below:

Junior Wonders
2017-18 Application

Thanks and we can't wait to see all of our friends, old and new, for another exiting school year at Junior Wonders!